Our Story

Stacks Bakery is a locally owned and operated home bakery in Statesboro, Georgia! Although we currently operate out of a home, we plan to open a storefront in town as soon as possible. We offer many baked goods, including cakes, cookies, breads, and so much more!

Our story started years ago as I, owner and baker of Stacks, learned how to make pastries, cookies, cakes, and desserts from my mother, grandpa, and granny. My mother passed away from stage-four breast cancer in 2011 when I was twelve years old. In an attempt to heal for many years, I continued to make the recipes written in her cursive and discovered as I shared her goodies with others, my grief felt a little lighter. While watching friends laugh over my mom's Christmas cookies or baking a friend one of my mother's cake recipes, I was reminded that there is joy and meaning in every season--even when it feels hopeless or lonely. Although my mom is no longer physically present, I know she is ingrained in me, my siblings, and the hundreds of recipe cards she left behind. I hope to continue sharing my mother's love for baking and hospitality in all that we do at Stacks. Food is much more than a necessity--it gives us a reason to gather, celebrate, and connect. Breaking bread, celebrating with cakes, or sharing cookies with our community brings joy, unites families and friends, and fosters love in every environment. We're so thankful to Statesboro for being such a wonderful home, and I plan to share that same friendly 'Boro atmosphere and love with every customer we serve. 

We can't wait to serve y'all!

- Emily Hoste